Welcome to the Dixboro Inn

The Dixboro Inn
A wonderful place to get together!

If you're looking for a place to go that you just relax, unwind and enjoy your hobby, Dixboro is the place!  We provided the location for a great weekend of uninterupted fun with friends.  When was the last time you tried to set a table up in the basement and were left alone long enough to get anything done?  And while conventions are often available to attend, not everyone wants to sit in a huge hotel conference room with hundreds of other people.  Sometimes you just want to enjoy a laugh and spend time with your own girlfriends. But who has the room to host a retreat in their own home without interruptions from the rest of the family?

At the Dixboro Inn, the house is yours for the weekend;  a huge hobby area with 10 individual 6 foot tables, two full bathrooms, four bedrooms with individual extra-long twin beds, a parlor with plenty of comfortable seating for the TV, a sunroom for morning coffee, and a fully operational kitchen!